With the 2020 Election only  a few weeks away, it's more important than ever for drunken bar patrons be informed about the issues they're so loudly yelling about. 

Let's Get Informed is a pocket sized guide to the candidates, their platforms, and other miscellaneous topics relating to the 2020 U.S. Election season.

Each week a new chapter, or series of topics will be added.  You can find the updated zine and a downloadable PDF here.  

This project is designed to provide a way of informing those around you by presenting factual, unbiased information and one-to-one comparisons of the candidates.  It is in no way aiming to persuade voters to one side or the other.

Please download, print, and assemble this zine and keep it handy in your backpack or pocketbook as a tool for spreading information and encouraging political action through education.

Chapters include: (1) Meet the Politicians, (2) Courtroom Drama, (3) Conspiracies, (4) Cop Talk, and (5) What type of Socialism are we okay with?

Supplies: printed PDF, scissors, and a stapler

Directions for assembly: 

1. Print the two documents front and back

2. Cut the off the white space/margins

3. Cut the remaining image in half horizontally, dividing the top two pages from the bottom two

4. Stack the two pieces so that the "Lets Get Informed"  title page is visible

5. Fold the stack in half and staple the booklet in the middle 

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