Daydreaming detaches us from the present, directing our attention inward. Daydreams can be fantasies, inquiries, or meditations.

They are rarely, if ever, bound to a rational narrative.  Much like our lives, they are not linear.  The more I consider them a creative tool, the more sense they make in relation to our reality. 

We bounce from place to place, person to person, and feeling to feeling.  The only common thread in our "personal narrative" being the existence of ourselves in each moment we experience. 


Not all daydreams take us somewhere new. 

They can be of opinionated conversations, rehashing of memories, or jumbled scenes of our past, present, and future. Whatever the case, they mirror the irrationality of the world we live in.  All daydreams are born of and explore an idea, inviting us to become comfortable with their subject.