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Selected Works

Play is an essential part of any process, it is both a way of thinking and an intellectual act.

Collage is the language of irrationality. It naturally creates an environment of chaos. Combing collage with visual pleasure turns the artwork into a playground. 

Products of play are experiments as well as encounters with your inner child, dissolving or ignoring ego.

Using photographs, magazine clippings, and references to popular culture evokes a truth-to-reality. Manipulating and juxtaposing these images tears into our relationship with reality. Employing popular culture in these spaces manufactures an imagined culture, creating associations between people and events that didn't exist before. Collage when coming from a place of curiosity about our world and how we fit into it, speaks to our understanding of reality.

2021 (Ongoing)

Solo is an ongoing series of digital collages using personal memories to create new worlds that encourage growth through wonder. The series exclusively uses photos taken by Essie Somma. The resulting images combine scenes from different locations, both natural and artificial, to create surreal landscapes.

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